HOLISTIC HEALING Mind Body and Spirit




I offer a few variations in my Doula services…


Birth Bundle

  • Two prenatal visits.

  • The birth.

  • Two postpartum Visits.


Little bundles

  • Mindful Meditation and Yoga session

  • Reiki and sound healing treatment Bath



postpartum bundle

Postpartum care

$ 35 hourly support minimum 4 hrs maximum 8 hrs.

I offer Professional Doula Postpartum Care and support up to 4 weeks after birth.

  • Postpartum care Day or night

  • Preparing Food & Nourishment

  • Breastfeeding support & Nipple Care

  • Latching

  • Breastmilk management

  • Pumping & storing breast milk

  • Umbilical cord care

  • Baby’s Baths

  • Self Care routine

  • Sleeping routines for mom and baby

  • listening and processing your birth story